Pokémon Go – Soon in Your Smartphone!

The game will come to the App Store and Google Play this year, will invite players to explore their surroundings with their mobile phones in hand to catch and catch new Pokémon. Pokémon can be caught in real habitats and ecosystems.

The fighting will be a key part and Pokémon GO offer their own version of these meetings pocket creatures. The app can use two different attacks on each Pokémon, and can dodge the enemy’s onslaughts sliding our finger to the left or right. GO will continue to fight for Gyms to win prestige, and when defeat the Pokémon advocates an emblematic place, we will be able to designate a new Pokémon team to defend our position. Furthermore, it was confirmed that players will be able to join the same team of his friends to fight together in a rival gym.

Players if they wish can buy PokéCoins, the currency used in the game. These PokéCoins can be exchanged in the App Store and Google Play for improvements and extra objects, however were not disclosed more details about it.

Pokemon Go also offers the possibility of being able to customize the coach. Players can interact with the virtual world thanks to a unique look that can configure and determine through a wide variety of clothing options and accessories to differentiate themselves from other coaches.


There will also be a small device, called Pokémon GO Plus that will allow players to interact with the game without having to use the smartphone. This device will be connected to the phone via Bluetooth and through a lead and vibration, will notify the player of the game events, such as the presence of a Pokémon nearby. Additionally, players can catch the Pokémon or do other simple actions by pressing a button on the device.

As players explore the world around them, their phones will vibrate to warn them that there is a Pokémon close, and that strong exist chances of the hunt. The touch screen is important when launching your Poké Ball. Furthermore, to get get some special items should seek the Poké Stops that will be located in interesting places, such as monuments, museums and historic sites.

Pokémon GO will feature a progression system, helping players to improve as coaches and opening them the doors to Pokémon capture increasingly powerful. It will be essential to have a collection of creatures, as some will evolve according to the Pokémon numbers that have previously purchased. The eggs will hatch Pokémon after the players have been a distance.

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